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Expanding into a new chapter … And requesting information

On Feb. 1, I quietly celebrated 15 years of publishing living history events on the Rendezvous Ohio website (


On March 1, I retired from my full-time job as a newspaper writer after nearly 40 years.


And on March 16, at the Kalamazoo Living History Show, I'm announcing a new blog and newsletter to serve the reenactor and living history community. As an extension of the Rendezvous Ohio website, I am creating Reenactor Chronicles: Great Lakes Region, 1700-1840.

Please note that the display at Kalamazoo is a page on my current website so you can get an idea of what the blog will look like, but I hope Reenactor Chronicles will soon have its own space.


My goal is to collect information from you, its potential readers.


I would appreciate it greatly if you fill out my survey to help me determine your interests and the things you would like to know more about in the reenacting world. I have ideas about what I want to write about, but I would like your ideas as well. I have paper copies the survey here today. I hope you'll fill one out and provide your email address so I can send further information.


I'm pasting the questions here in addition to offering paper copies of the survey at the trade show. It isn't interactive so if you're reading this online, please answer in an email to If you're answering at the trade show, please provide your answers on a sheet of notebook paper.




What helpful or interesting information would you like to find in this new blog and newsletter?

• Latest news in the living history world

• Upcoming events

• How-to articles

• Features about craftspeople, artisans

• “This Month in History”

• Reenactor spotlights

• What else?


Are you a reenactor or living historian who would like to contribute to the publication and share your knowledge? (Please provide your name, area of expertise, phone number and email address. Thanks!)


Are you a craftsperson / artist / demonstrator / musician / competitor / or someone else who would like to tell your story? (Please provide your name, area of expertise, phone number and email address. Thanks!)


Your name: (Optional, but helpful)


Your email address:


State and/or town you live in: (Please include)


Phone number: (Optional; to be used in case I can't read something … or to answer your questions)


Who or what type of historical person do you portray? In what time period?


Who are the most knowledgeable and/or talented reenactors you know? (Please list them.)


Do you have questions, suggestions or ideas for this new publication? (Please list them.)


What is your favorite thing about reenacting?


That's it - the end of the survey. But please feel free to add any other information you would like to share.



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