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Market Fair

Bows - Arrows - Related supplies - Archery classes

Beads - Beaded items - Beading supplies - Looms

Blankets - Beds - Tables - Chairs - Wooden boxes - Wooden coolers - Other wooden items

Books on period topics - Historical nonfiction - Historical fiction

Candles - Wax - Beeswax - Candle-making supplies - Lamps - Oil

Ready-made clothing - Stockings - Hosiery - Shoes - Mocs

Cast iron - Pots - Tinware - Plates - Spoons, forks, knives - Cookbooks - Fire-starting supplies

Wool - Linen - Cotton - Buttons - Ribbon - Other notions

Period restaurants - Dried food - Herbs - Seasonings - Other edibles

General merchandise - Miscellaneous items

Haversacks - Bags 

Animal hides - Feathers - Leather - Furs - Animal parts

Historical sites - Forts - Museums - Living history areas

Silver - Trade silver - Gold - Necklaces - Bracelets - Rings

Knives - Custom knife-making services - Knife-making supplies

Non-period products and services of interest to reenactors 

CDs of period music - Flutes - Drums - Other period instruments 

For people seeking a camp partner or a life partner who shares an interest in living history (25 words per listing)


Pewter items - Supplies

Plates, mugs, bowls, etc. - Classes

Magazines - Newspapers - Newsletters - Websites

Here's where you can list a link to a shoot schedule on your club or organization's website

Flintlocks - Smoothbores - Trade guns - Black powder - Shooting supplies 

Lodges - Flies - Poles - Repair supplies

Throwing hawks - Camp axes - Handles

Buy-Sell-Trade of period Items you might find on a trade blanket

Woven sashes - Leg ties - Weaving supplies - Looms - Rugs - Yarn - Spinning supplies

Non-camp educational and hands-on workshops and seminars 

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Each business listing $20/year

For information, 

please contact


About Market Fair

Join our Market Fair where you can list your business, club, organization, museum, historical area or
similar information.


Each listing includes your business or organization name, contact person name, address, phone number, email address ... and a link directly to a website, email address and/or Facebook page.

Our goal is to make Market Fair into the go-to directory where:

- buyers can find products they're looking for

- sellers can highlight their wares

- shooting clubs can link to their websites and shoot 

- organizations can link to their event schedules

- schools can list their history-related classes

- historical areas can highlight their latest happenings

- trade fairs can keep participants up to date

- or anything else history-related you might want to list as pertinent information for our readers.

Market Fair is divided into categories to make information easy to find, and listings can be purchased in as many categories as the buyer wishes. For example, a business that sells shooting supplies might 
choose the categories of "muzzleloaders" and "black 
powder." A blacksmith might choose "cooking gear" and "decorative items." An organization might choose 
"special events," and a store or organization might 
choose "workshops and seminars."

The fee for each listing is only $20 per year to
make multiple listings very affordable.
Listings may be highlighted in a color of your choice for an extra $5.

To add a listing or get more information, contact Vicki Johnson at 419-601-2495 or



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