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Adding 2020 events! Please send info

Hello everyone! This season is winding down here in this part of the world and I'm collecting 2020 dates to add to the calendar listings. Please check the list. If your event isn't on there, send me new dates and any new information.

If you send only new dates, I will use the same listing information as last year.

Rendezvous Ohio publishes any dates of living history-related events in Ohio and the neighboring states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana. Weekend reenactments and rendezvous will be published in the "overall" calendar for now. I have the intention of separating them by state as more come in.

One-day history-related events also will be published, but I must have them in my email at least two weeks in advance, preferably a month in advance. They will have their own category, so if you are planning Thanksgiving or Christmas-related events NOW is the time to email them.

Weekend trade fairs are included in the reenactment and rendezvous listings. I would like to get those updated as soon as possible.

AND, HERE'S SOMETHING NEW ... Muzzleloading shooting clubs and primitive archery clubs are welcome to send their shoot schedules. I'll create a category for those when they start coming in.

ALSO, PLEASE NOTE: RO has its first ADVERTISEMENT in recent times. It's on the right side of home page. Please check it out and send me a similar-sized one for your business. ADVERTISING SPECIAL: Any advertiser can run a similar-sized ad for $25 from now until April 1. You can jump in any time between now and March 1 for $25.

Event listings or ad information should be emailed to

If it's absolutely necessary that you mail something, please mail to Rendezvous Ohio, 4636 Co Rd P, McClure, OH 43534.

For information on sending events or advertisements, email or call 419-601-2495. If I don't answer, leave a message and I'll get back to you.

Have a great day!


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