10 Questions with Robb Rowland

Robb Rowland, age 38, Xenia, Ohio 1. How long have you been a reenactor and how​ did you get involved? I started when I was 10 years old … started with my dad (Larry Rowland). He was interested in it and started reading books. He had a couple friends from General Motors that were into it. We started in a 22-foot tipi. I tagged along. … Dad stopped when I was 17 and I was able to continue because Randy Bloom and Keith Clements allowed me to camp with them. 2. What is your club or organization affiliation, if any? Heeeethin Heights … with home base at Greene County Fish & Game (conservation club) 3. In the living history world, who are you and what do you portray? Well, I don't portray anybody

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